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Product description

Shipping Container Pipe Rack (PACK OF 3)

The Pipe Rack is perfect for horizontal storage either inside or outside your container. Easily hooks to container D-rings and removed just as easy to be used in a different location. This product will keep the floor of the container free for additional storage space or ease of cleaning. Engineered and load tested.

Stress test results: This pipe rack has no weaknesses with a 2000 lbs. (907 kg) max load rating/per two pipe racks with each arm holding a max weight load of 450 lbs. (204 kg). Adding an additional Pipe Rack unit increases loading capacity to 3000 lbs. (1.5 tons).

Provides four support arms mounted at 34 degrees to enhance the volume capabilities. Each support arm is gusseted for added strength and includes a roll stop to enhance safety within your containers. Provides 24 inches of open floor space below for storage of large, heavy items. (Height depends on model of container).

These container pipe racks provide superior strength while not being bulky heavy. They provide the ability to efficiently and securely store anything that can lay horizontal freeing up valuable floor space. They pay for themselves in labor savings the first time they are used.


• 65” H x 19” W / 1.65 m x 0.48 m

• 14.8 lbs. / 6.7 kg per bracket

• 15 3/4” / 400 mm deep shelf

• Roll stop tabs for safety

• Gusseted arms for strength

• Rated for 2000 lbs. (907 kg) shelf load capacity with (2) Pipe Racks



• Hooks to container D-Rings

• Hooks to container corner castings

• No bolting or welding to container

• No damage to container when un-installed

• Un-obstructed storage space under shelf


Simple Assembly:

• Hang pipe racks on container D-Rings.

• Insert the stabilizer T-Bars to the bottom backside of the pipe rack.

• Place desired product on pipe rack.


It is ready to use in under 2 minutes!

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