Whether you're a large company, a small business or simply someone needing extra storage space, Allstate Container has the cost effective solution to your problems.


Originally built to strict shipping standards, to stand up to the rigors of sea travel, these giant, extremely strong, watertight containers are theft-proof and virtually impregnable. These excellent features make these containers perfect for safe and secure on-site storage, overland transportation or to be customized into any number of practical uses. And unlike conventional buildings, need not become a permanent part of your property. You can move them anywhere, any time.

Containers are available in export shipping condition; wind and watertight (WWT), safe, secure and lockable, cargo worthy and CSC plated for international transportation. Our containers -new or used- are also ideal for static ground storage.

  • Utilizing containers are an economical way to add warehouse space or to transport equipment or supplies between different sites and locations.
  • Containers can be moved by truck, rail or ship.
  • Storage containers are extremely cost effective; Compare the expense of constructing a building from scratch. With a container, you can do in 24 hours what could take months of complicated construction to complete.
  • On site office accommodation, containers eliminate travel time; storage is at your site.
  • Ground level for easy access.
  • All steel construction provides strength and durability also minimizes the risk of theft.
  • Weather tight units ensure contents are kept clean and dry.
  • Units are clean and have an attractive appearance.
  • Cold storage and transportation (temperature controlled refrigerated containers).
  • Top loading (open top containers with removable tarpaulins or hard tops) etc.


Shipping containers can be used for multiple purposes, here are some examples

Hardware Stores and Lumber Yards Storage of lumber, doors, fencing, paneling, rock salt, fertilizer, inventory.
Landscaping and Contractors Storage of building materials, small tools or fuel; field repair or machine shop.
Manufacturing Dry storage of raw materials, cartons, component parts, finished goods.
Government Facilities Containers serve as an excellent source of storage at government facilities for renovations, excess inventory, and seasonal storage.
Shopping Centers, Retail, and Wholesale Stores Seasonal storage, Truckload sales, storage of maintenance equipment or extra inventory, additional tenant storage.
Emergency Preparedness A thorough disaster preparedness plan wouldn't be complete without including containers as part of the recovery process. You can include containers for temporary offices and storage facilities while the building recovery is complete.
Schools and Municipalities Storage of playground and sports equipment, rock salt, portable classrooms, tools and mowers./td>
Marinas, Trailer Parks, and Hunting Clubs Storage of seasonal equipment, tools, mowers, small boats, or fuel; tenant storage lockers.
Explosives Storage Approved for Class B explosive storage.
Farming and Garden Centers Storage of equipment, tools, mowers, rental equipment, seasonal materials, seed, fertilizer, animal shelters, tack, feed, produce, fuel.
Additional Office Space With a few modifications like windows, electricity, air conditioning and heating, you can have up to 600 sq feet of additional office space in few days. Simply position a wall inside the cargo doors, install a personal door in the partition and you have a new room!
Chemical Storage and Environmental Control Storage (for disposal) of low-level nuclear material, asbestos and other toxics and hazardous materials.
More Mobile Generator Housing, Telecommunication centers, Garage for the car, Home workshop, Pier Sheds, Guard Shacks,...and many more.