The containers are made of steel with plywood floors. Refrigerated containers are equipped with stainless steel interior walls and aluminum or steel floors. Newer design dry containers have double doors.

Please note that all measurements quoted could vary slightly depending on the make and model of individual container. This is however, usually no more than a few millimeters.

These measurements should therefore be used as a guide only.


Specific Container Details:

Standard Containers
20 Foot Standard

40 Foot Standard
High Cube Containers
20 Foot HC

40 Foot HC
Open Top Containers
20 Foot OT

40 Foot OT
Refrigerated Containers
20 Foot Reefer

40 Foot Reefer

40 Foot Reefer HC
Flat Rack Containers
20 Foot FR

40 Foot FR
Double Door Containers
20 Foot DD

40 Foot DD