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Product description

Bolt-on or Weld-on Lock Box and High Security Lock Combo for Containers

Bolt-on Lock Box

Bolt-on/Weld-on lock box allows you to add a lock box to your container easily for added security. It protects your padlock from being accessible to bolt cutters.

  • Heavy, Strong, Secure
  • Re-usable if bolted on
  • Can be easily installed, all you have to do is drill four holes. Bolts are removable so if you chose to it can be welded on also
  • No painting required

High Security Locks

High Security Shackle-Maximum Cut Resistance:

  • Hardened steel and chrome plated
  • Jimmy proof shackle prevents cutting/sawing
  • Shackle freely rotates to thwart sawing

Durable and Made For Weather:

  • Triple plated chrome for all weather conditions
  • Solid brass body offers improved corrosion resistance
  • All internal mechanics brass and stainless steel

High Security Key System:a

  • * Very difficult to duplicate
  • Requires keyway to turn 90 degrees prior to connecting with disks
  • Harder key material means special cutting machines
  • Millions of possible combinations
  • Pick resistant
  • No spring loaded parts to corrode or wear out
  • Comes with 4 keys
  • Key retaining feature ensures padlock is not left unlocked
Shipping: $15 for the quantity of one and $8 for every additional
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