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Insta Vents for Storage Containers (Pack of 2)

Humidity and seasonal changes in most of the United States and Canada mean that the temperature during the day time and night time can vary greatly; and if you’re using a shipping container for portable storage, this range of difference in temperatures can lead to condensation build up and may cause damage to the items that you’re storing inside.

If you’re interested in solving the problem with limited long term costs, and little to no management effort then you should consider installing these vents. The best way to manage condensation is to manage the air flow and keep the inside and outside of the container the same, or close to the same, temperature. Adding four of these vents, two on each end of the container, allows an ample amount of airflow and does a great job keeping the contents of the container dry.

These Insta Vents with screen are easy to install within 30 minutes. They are powder coated for durability and require no welding or painting.

These vents will help keep the air moving in your container and help prevent moisture buildup. While providing great ventilation their screen prevents any rodents or insects from entering your container. Two vents are suggested for heat issues and four for bad moisture issues or extreme heat. So this listing is for pack of two (2) vents. These vents are designed to be mounted at the top of the container to let the hot air out as heat rises to the top of your container. This helps pull cold air from the floor of the container to the top of the container, drastically reducing heat.


  • 13 gage steel construction
  • 14” x 14” x 9”
  • 6” x 9” screen opening
  • 8.5 lbs
  • Powder coated grey


  • Tapered in flange to prevent seepage from top
  • Easy to install in under 30 minutes
  • Bug screen included
  • Super strong to avoid damage from impacts

Installation or fabrication should never be done until you have the product in hand to take exact measurements. Installation may require some fabrication experience and in no way does the warranty cover installation mistakes.

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