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Product description

Partition Wall Brackets / Multi-purpose Brackets for storage containers (Pack of 4)

This product is mainly designed to install a partition wall inside a shipping / storage container without drilling through the roof and side panels and the container floor. But because of their versatility they can be used for multiple different applications. They are universal bolt-on brackets specifically designed for shipping containers and can be installed on shipping container side and end walls - NO welding needed! They are computer modeled and powder coated black.


• Four (4) Partition wall / multi-purpose brackets

• Eight (8) x 5/16” hardened self-threading bolts


• Bolt-on application

• NO welding required

• Laser-cut

• Powder-coated

• Mounting hardware included

• You do not need to drill the side, end or the roof panels or the floor of the container no matter what purpose you want to use them for



Bracket Installations Steps:

• Tool needed: Drill, 9/32” drill bit, ½” socket, marker, hammer, center punch

• Place and hold the bracket where you want to install and mark the two holes

• Center punch the holes

• Drill the holes using the drill and the 9/32” drill bit

• Once again place and hold the bracket

• Using the drill (impact driver if available) and the ½” socket screw in the two 5/16” hardened self-threading bolts

Installations Steps for Specific Application:

Use them to install a partition wall inside a container: Install all four brackets on top and bottom rails of the container on both sides where you want your partition wall following the above installation steps. You need to do this in certain order: First install the two bottom brackets, measure the distance between and cut a 2x2 to measured length. Uninstall the brackets and attached them to each end of the 2x2 you just cut using 1 ½” framing screws, you only need two screws on each side. Place the brackets to the same location you just removed them from and screw them back in place. This will establish the bottom frame of the partition wall. Now install the top two brackets on top rails and measure and cut the two side piece for the partition wall. Side pieces needs to be slide behind the brackets, if you are having trouble pushing them in then uninstall the top brackets and screw them in place again after putting the side pieces in their positions. Then screw all four brackets to the side pieces using the proper holes. Measure and cut the top piece (it should me about the same length as the bottom piece) then slide it on top of the brackets and screw the brackets to the top piece on each end. Now you have the outer frame of your partition wall completed. Cut 5-6 more 2x2’s to proper height and screw them vertically between top and bottom pieces. Finally use plywood or other suitable materials to cover the wall frame to finish up your partition wall.

Use them to install standard doors: to a container without cutting the container panels or doors: Simply built a wall (same way you would to install a partition wall using the brackets and 2x2 framing lumber) with door opening just like you would when framing a house door on a wall, to the door end of the container about 10 to 12 inches from the container door end frame (could be further away if you prefer to have deeper overhang). Buy a desired door from any home improvement store and install it to the opening. No need to cut the container panels or doors, no welding required, anyone with simple household tools and mediocre knowledge of construction can get this job done in a couple of hours.

Use them to install slatwall panels or pegboard to hang your tools without drilling holes on the container panels, roof or the floor which will compromise its watertightness.

Use them to install plywood wall panels for easy installation of small shelves,

Use them to install roof beams to install lighting fixtures without drilling the roof panel,

Use them to frame and insulate your container,…

Possibilities are endless, the best part is that you can uninstall everything you install with these brackets and reuse them in another container. Once you take them out like they were never there, your container still intact, undamaged.

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