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Bolt on D-Ring for Shipping and Storage Containers (Pack of 4)

These are universal bolt-on D-ring lashing points for shipping containers. Designed for shipping containers that do not have D-Rings welded inside, but also gives you the flexibility to place D-rings where you need them most. This product allows you to add extra lashing points or install D-rings on shipping container side and end walls - NO welding needed! The D-rings are computer modeled and powder coated dark grey. These D-Rings are easily installed and make securing loads, hanging shelving and other accessories a breeze.


***Most people buy this product to be able to install shelf brackets to end walls of their storage containers***



• One (1) D-Ring

• Two (2) x 5/16” hardened self-threading bolts

• One (1) x ¼” self-tapping screws



• Bolt-on application

• NO welding required

• Laser-cut

• Powder-coated

• Mounting hardware included


Installations Steps:

• Tool needed: Drill, 9/32” drill bit, ½” socket, marker, hammer, center punch

• Place and hold the D-Ring where you want to install and mark the two holes

• Center punch the holes

• Drill the holes using the drill and the 9/32” drill bit

• Once again place and hold the D-Ring

• Using the drill (impact driver if available) and the ½” socket screw in the two 5/16” hardened self-threading bolts and you are done

Shipping: $15 for the quantity of one and $10 for every additional
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