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These brackets allow you to maximize the usable space inside your shipping/storage container quickly and easily. The brackets provide immense shelf space and rigid stock storage without interfering with valuable floor space. They provide superior strength while not being bulky and heavy. Our brackets pay for themselves in labor saving the first time they are used. Think about the saving achieved when they are used over and over again. All Insta container shelves are powder coated for durability, and longevity. Do not be fooled by imitations, these container shelves are the original and cannot be duplicated. They are made to hang from the D Rings in your shipping / storage container. Placing one bracket per D Ring creates a consistent shelf for the length of your container.

This particular shelving unit with three tiers is designed to hold two 2x10" (or 12") pieces of construction grade wood per shelf providing a 18 1/2″ deep shelf. Depending on the weight of items needed to store you can choose to use other materials for shelving as well. Each Shelf Bracket is about 61" Tall x 22" (26" for 2"x12") Deep x 1" Wide and includes the lower shelf bracket support. The load rating is 550 lbs. per bracket arm and 1100 lbs. per bracket. Two brackets means you have 2200 lbs. loading capacity. This shelf allows for items as large as 32" tall to be stored on the floor under the shelves (Height may vary slightly per container).

  • No tools needed to install
  • No container modifications necessary
  • Re-usable
  • Strong
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Enhance safety
  • 61" x 22" x 1"
  • 10.5 lbs / 4.8 kg per bracket
  • 18 1/2" deep shelf
  • Rated for 550 lbs per bracket arm
  • Rated for 1100 lbs per bracket

In Standard Containers using 2"x10" (or 12") boards your shelf dimensions are as follows:

  • Floor to Bottom Shelf - 31" (39" for High Cube Containers)
  • Bottom to Middle Shelf - 22"
  • Middle to Top Shelf - 18.5"
  • Top Shelf to Ceiling - 17"
  • 2"x10" Shelves are 21" Deep (from wall to outside edge, actual shelf floor is depth of two 2"x10"s)
  • 2"x12" Shelves are 25" Deep (from wall to outside edge. actual shelf floor is depth of two 2"x12"s)
Simple Assembly:
  • 1) HANG BRACKETS: Insert shelving bracket hangers into container’s top rail D-Rings
  • 2) INSERT STABILIZERS: Insert stabilizer member into the stabilizer receiver
  • 3) INSTALL SHELF BOARDS: Take two same size boards and line them up with each other. Place them side-by-side evenly across the braces. Form an upside V with the boards then press into place. This locks the boards into their shelf brackets.

Here is the YouTube Link for the installation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev3hXuFa1g8
Self is ready to use in under 2 minutes!
Sold individually. Order as many as you need!
You must purchase minimum of 2 as shelf requires at least 2 brackets to work.

Brackets are sold individually and this listing is for one three tear self bracket. Order as many as you need.You must purchase minimum of two as shelf requires at least two brackets to work.

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