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Product Range
Compared with many traditional methods, shipping containers offer greater efficiency and economy in storing and transporting a wide variety of products. Containers minimize direct access to, and handling of goods and can therefore reduce losses from pilfering and damage. In addition, the protection to contents provided by shipping containers can often replace special packaging that might otherwise be needed.
New Build Containers
Our new build containers are designed for strength to hold maximum payloads, to resist damage and wear and tear, and to reflect for our customers the lowest possible operating costs. These are new containers that have had one load shipped in them. By allowing a shipper to use the container for a single load, our cost to position a new container into North America is reduced significantly. These savings are reflected in the price to you.
Used Containers
To stand up to the rigors of sea travel, shipping containers need to be very strong, secure and weather proof. These excellent features make used containers perfect for safe and secure on-site storage, overland transportation or to be customized into any number of practical uses.
Allstate Container offers a full range of superior quality used and refurbished containers for rental and sale plus customized container to suit your specific needs.
Specialized and Customized Containers
These containers are designed and manufactured to suit our customers' specific requirements and specifications. Our customers enjoy high quality, cost efficient, responsive and creative container sales and rental solutions.
Our Product Range
General Purpose Dry Containers
Open-Top Containers
Double Door Containers
Refrigerated Containers
Insulated Containers
High-Cube Containers
Flat Rack Containers
Tank Containers
Bulk Containers
Side Access Containers
Ventilated Containers
Full Door Containers
Half-Height Containers
Curtain Side Containers
Removable Hard Top Containers
Pallet wide Containers
Hazardous Goods and Waste Storage Containers
Site Offices, Workshops and Specialized Storage units
Combination Office-Storage Units
And many more...
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