Truckers: Do you want to
deliver our containers?
Sales Pricing
Container prices varies with the market and depends on the following factors:
Age and condition of the containers:
- New (1 trip)
  These are new containers that have had one load shipped in them.
- Premium or IICL-5 (2 to 8 years old):
  Excellent condition, meets specific repair standards suitable for regular cargo use.
- CW (Cargo Worthy, Over 8 years old):
  Structurally sound, suitable for project or single move shipping.
- WWT (Wind and watertight, Over 8 years old): Suitable for storage.
- As Is: Minor damage, should be inspected prior to purchase.
- Handyman: Needs work, damage to the container could be expensive to repair.
Type of containers
City/State containers needed
Number of containers ordered
Request for Marine Survey for overseas shipment
Any modification on containers
Painting and refurbishing services required
Cost of delivery if required
Because of changes in market and other variables, Allstate Container quotes specific prices daily bases only from the container sales department directly.
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